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 This is a 13 month course that meets once a month on the 2ND Wednesday. It is for the serious seeker and there is a good deal of homework as well as bookS to read, the first one is Ancestors of
the Craft
by Chistopher Penczak. Please read this before the class and be prepared to discuss the book. You will be expected to do the assigned work and make a sincere effort to attend every class, whether it is in person or remote.
The remote class will be available via Zoom.
This class will be taught by Tish Owen.
The class is $300 per year, you may pay for it with PayPal and if you use their credit option you have 6 months to pay before you have to pay interest.
We have a Facebook page, which you will be added to when you have made the decision to study with us. 
Please send an email to and ask your questions.
Give us a call 615.251.9833
640 Spence Lane
Suite 120
Nashville, TN. 37217
*Please note we are no longer a store*

If you wish to facilitate a workshop or class at the Goddess and the Moon please contact us with details 615.251.9833
Tish will present Spell it Correctly at the Nashville Pagan Pride Celebration
SEptember 30th.  For more info