With so many houses on market today that are forclosed or distressed homes, people are turning to having the homes cleansed of all the negativity in order to get the houses to sale or before they buy. A good deal is not a good deal if the house is filled with negative energy.
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"With foreclosures, a lot of negative energy imprints from past discussions, arguments, money problems. All of that is absorbed by the house."

 ~$100.00 per session ~

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past incarnations. It is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or to explain a particular problem the client may be experiencing such as a phobia.                                            
Tish Owen facilitates the past life regression sessions. She does not lead the client or ask questions that might establish false memories.  Each client follows a path to the information he/she most needs to find and the client is always in control of the session. There is a series of pre-hypnotic and also post-hypnotic suggestions to make the process more valuable to the client, keep the client in control of the session and help the client to remember the session.  Each session is recorded so that the client may listen to the session at a later date.
Ms. Owen believes that this helps the client to bring up more memories and make a more complete picture of the lifetime that was visited.  Make an appointment today! 

 ~$125.00 per session ~

Specific areas of the body  correspond to exact points on the bottom of the human foot.  By manipulating  these points, precise areas of the body will be affected, improving the health of the receiver. It is also possible to relieve stress and pain in  different parts of  the body and added beneficial effect of releasing toxins from the body to further improve general health. Reflexology was introduced into the U. S. in 1913 by William H. Fitzgerald M.D. (1872-1942).  It has grown in popularity ever since.  Our sessions consist of a detoxifying foot soak to relax you, followed by the manipulation of  the points on your feet. You will be relaxed and feel overall improvement when the session ends.
 Ronda Willis has been a practitioner for many years and is an LPN. One session will make a believer of you.
An appointment is necessary sessions are $60.00

  Reiki is a spiritual healing practice developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui of Japan. It is a non-invasive technique that uses Universal Energy to heal ailments in patients.  We find that animals are particularly good patients.  They seem to like and respond to the gentle energy flowing through their bodies during treatment. We invite you to bring your pet for a healing session with Matthew Sanders, a certified Reiki Master and practiciner for more than seven years. Her approach to your pet is very gentle and animals respond well to him.
Please call to schedule an appointment with Matthew ~ 615-251-9833
Sessions are $35

The air you breathe delivers approximately 21% oxygen to your system.  Our Oxygen Bar pull oxygen from the air, condenses it and delivers 95% oxygen to you.  Ten minutes will detox your body, clear your sinuses, reduce stress, increase energy and alertness, lessen the effects of hangovers, headaches, sinus problems, help clear your complexion and generally relax the body.
       Try it once and you will be hooked!                       
~$5 for 10 minutes~

Ear Candling
A centuries old folk remedy that is a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. A cylinder made of cloth and beeswax is placed in the ear and lit on the opposite end to create a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old ear wax is softened, helping to relieve  pressure, wax  build-up, and blockage. A session is relaxing and soothing.
~ $30 per session ~

Healthy cells have 80% negative ions and 20%  positive ions.  When a cell's ion state is in balance, it assimilates nutrients and can detoxify itself.Environmental pollutants have caused our bodies to accumulate more positive ions that degenerate the cell's proper functions.  Our machine breaks down water molecules and increases negative ion contents in the water. This helps impart negative ions to and eliminate positive ions from the body through the 20,000 skin pores on the feet.This rids the body of toxins, heavy metals, free radicals, yeast fungus and extra fats through skin pores, cells, liver, kidney, urine, stool and lymph.  Feel better and look better too! 
~$35 per session~

Eastern medicine, there are seven main points in the body where energy is obvious, these are called Chakras. They, to some degree, determine how you feel.  With a balanced Chakra system you will feel fit, healthy and harmonious. When not balanced you feel disorientated,  lethargic and uncomfortable.  We use a pendulum to determine which chakras are out of balance, add music, aromatherapy and flower essence to relax you, lay mandelas of stones corresponding to each Chakra point, to help balance you, and Reiki to balance and get the chi flowing.  Make an appointment today.
~ $100 per session ~

For Your Home or Business

Tish Owen and Elizabeth Angela work together
to assist you with the spirits inhabiting your home.

There are many reasons to communicate with the spirits inhabiting your space and to do an energetic house clearing.  While many will want to do a house clearing because they sense that their homes are haunted, others are moving into houses that are new to them, and desire to remove all the energy of the previous owners. Transitions in one's life are another good time to do a house clearing, such as after a divorce, or even after an unpleasant argument, or if someone has died while in your space.

Due to our work schedules we're only available
 On Sunday and Monday-Saturday after 8pm

$250.00 per hour

We believe "The secret method of inviting good fortune, the marvelous medicine for all sickness is, just for today:   
Do not be angry
Do not worry
Be grateful
Work with integrity
Be kind to others."