Tish Owen
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Tish Owen has over twenty-five years of experience as a psychic in Nashville, was voted the best psychic in Nashville by the Nasvhille Scene. Her clairvoyant readings  bring comfort, information and clarity to her many clients, who return to her year after year. Tish also reads by phone and over the internet for clients all over the country, and outside our borders as well. Her more famous clients include such notables as Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. Tish also reads at many gatherings and parties both corporate and private in Nashville and around the US. She has been voted the best psychic in Nashville by the Nashville Scene Magazine. Google tarot Reader and she is at the top of the page.

Her client list is extensive.
102.5 The Party ~ 107 The River ~ American Loggers Council ~ American Barcode Association             American Corrections Corporation ~American Association of Renal Nurses ~ Artrageous 
Atlantic Tourism Board ~ Bailey's Working Women Wednesdays ~ Bell South ~ Creative Cooking
Davis-Kidd Booksellers ~ Dell Computers ~ Destination Nashville ~ Events & Adventures ~ K-Con
Keith Urban ~ Lenscrafters ~ Lucent Technologies ~ Nashville Cares ~Nicole Kidman ~ NV Lounge  Opryland Productions ~ 100 Oaks Mall ~ Reba McEntire ~ R.J. Reynolds Co. ~ Sage Technologies
School Lunch Room Workers of America ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon ~ Showtime Network  
Smiley Hollow Company ~ The Bar Car ~ Taylor Swift ~ Trisha Yearwood ~ Warner Brothers
Wildhorse Saloon ~  WSM Radio 

A staple on television, radio and print media, Tish has been the subject of numerous interviews over the years, even guesting on a episode of A&E's Cursed, and also on Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert  radio program. Her psychic talents have been used in occult crime investigations over the years. She is the author of three books; Chasing the Rainbow,  Spell it Correctly and A Death On Sunday.

Book an appointment with Tish today and find out what keeps her clients coming back and why they say, "If you don't really want to know the answer, don't ask Tish the question."

Psychic readings are by appointment only.  But sometimes you can get luck and get in to see her on the same day. To make an appointment please click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the page and you will be able to pay for your reading and you may also include a note of times that you be available.  If you want to do the reading by phone, you will be sent the number to call by e-mail. Please be in a space that is private and quiet.
  If you wish to do the reading on the web, you can connect via FaceBook Instant Messenger and by email..

 For a phone reading, please have questions ready for her, you may ask them before, during or after she has laid the tarot spread for you.

    When it is time for your reading, sit down, make yourself a cup of tea and relax.  Be prepared for the most unique experience you can image as Tish tunes into your life pathways and gets to the heart of your problems.  She has the answers you seek and will give you the direction that you need.

Of course you are most welcome to come and have a reading in person. Call for an appointment                    615-251-9833


Southerners looking to satisfy their curiosity about the occult need look no further than this supernatural shop, which bears a name eerily similar to True Blood's own store of Wiccan wares: Moon Goddess Emporium. Owner Tish Owen offers skilled psychic readings - with the consultation of tarot cards - to customers searching for answers of any kind. To those nonbelievers who would frown and call this "hocus pocus," let it be known that Owen's success secured her a client list ranging from Keith Urban to the Atlantic City Tourism Board.

---Nashville Scene

Tish has some wonderful psychics for parties
Kiki Dombrowski      Cat Jones      Eric Romberg       Suzie Wright
In Loving Memory of Sean Jackson

Local interest in alternative spiritual practices has grown in recent years, said Tish Owen, who runs The Goddess and the Moon on Eighth Avenue South.

Twenty years ago, when she opened the shop, which sold everything from statues of Buddha to spell books, people were more skeptical, Owen said. One curious soul asked her if she'd opened a shop for Satan.

Now she says, getting a tarot reading or having a past life regression session are more mainstream.

"People don't raise their eyebrows like they did 20 years ago," she said. "I think it's much more widespread here than you think.

"There are a lot of people who are searching for a connection to God, whoever they think he or she is."

Bob Smietana | The Tennessean
Jun. 27, 2011
Phone Readings
When you have paid for your session with Tish you will receive a phone call, to schedule your time. You will need to call the office to book your appointment. Please have your questions ready so that you get
the best experience

30 minutes $60
if you wish an email reading or a phone reading please pick what you need.
Full Hour Phone Reading
Recommended for serious situations when 30 minutes
will not be enough to lay out the problem
and get the answers

Mini Phone Reading
When you don't need a full reading and only have a couple of questions this is the option for you. During this fifteen minute reading Tish will zero in on your problems and give you the answers you need. Please have your questions ready to save time.

Full Email Reading
Send in 6 questions
Answers will be sent to you as soon as possible

Mini Email Reading

Send in 3 questions and answers will be sent to you
as soon as possible

One Question Reading

You only have one thing that you need to know?
Mail it and the answer will be returned to you as soon as possible

There is a space on the Paypal order where you can give us your phone number or your questions. Or you can send us an email with that info: goddessandmoon@gmail.com
For a phone reading please call 615-251-9833 to book an appointment.
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Voted Nashville's Best Psychic! Call today for an appointment 615.251.9833
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