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                Tish Owen

Tish Owen has over twenty-five years of experience as a psychic in Nashville. Her clairvoyant readings  bring comfort, information and clarity to her many clients, who return to her year after year. Tish also reads by phone and over the internet for clients all over the country, and outside our borders as well. Her more famous clients include such notables as Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. Tish also reads at many gatherings and parties both corporate and private in Nashville and around the US. She has been voted the best psychic in Nashville by the Nashville Scene Magazine. Google tarot Reader and she is at the top of the page.

A staple on television, radio and print media, Tish has been the subject of numerous interviews over the years, even guesting on a episode of A&E's Cursed, and also on Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert  radio program. Her psychic talents have been used in occult crime investigations over the years. She is the author of three books; Chasing the Rainbow,  Spell it Correctly and A Death On Sunday.

Book an appointment with Tish today and find out what keeps her clients coming back and why they say, "If you don't really want to know the answer, don't ask Tish the question."

If you wish to have a reading by phone or over the web with Tish please click here

Eric Romberg is  gifted psychic, shaman and licensed massage therapists. He has been   reading Tarot for over twenty years and has worked out of the Goddess and the Moon for the last five years. His main desire is to use his abilities and gifts to guide his clients and give them the information necessary to help them improve their lives. His vision for his clients is clear and concise and they return to him over and over for his insight.

Eric's ability to tap into the other side and bring back the answers for his clients and deliver it in such a manner that is easily understood makes him a favorite in the shop and at the many parties to which he is invited to as a reader.
Suzie Kerr Wright has been reading Tarot and astrological charts for over 25 years. Her passion for astrology and the desire to guide and assist others in the search for their truth have come together as she steps into her life's work.
Throughout her life, she has been highly attuned to the "other side" having experienced visits and received messages from loved ones and others who had passed on.

Suzie's many years of experience in Human Resources provides a solid foundation for her spiritual counseling services.  Empowering, educating and uncovering people's abilities and potential as she worked with employees to find the right job has shown Suzie her true purpose. Her business skills and professionalism have positioned her perfectly to bring her services to the greater community. Her work in the entertainment and music industry gives her a unique perspective that she brings to her services. From drumming to acting, singing, songwriting, to ghost tour guide there are no limits to her inspiration or creativity!

Intuition, premonitions and the ability to feel the presence of spirits and guides has provided her with a unique insight and vision that creates a powerful readings for her clients.

Cat Jones uses her psychic gifts to help you connect to your issues and get the answers that you seek. She uses several different decks and the pendulum to accomplish this work. She has worked at the Goddess and the Moon for more than seven years. In those years she has built a clientele who return to her over and over again to get that clear vision.

It is extremely important to her that you stay in your comfort zone so that you can better "hear" the information that she is delivering and she has a knack for setting people at ease.  Her goal is to help you improve the quality of your life and to give you the guidance to do so. 
Kiki Dombrowski is a writer, teacher, tarot card reader, channeler, paranormal investigator, bookworm witch and life coach. She has been an integral member of the metaphysical community in Nashville, TN as a workshop facilitator, tarot card reader, event creator and now as a life coach. Kiki facilitates workshops on a diverse range of topics from writing haikus to divination at Pagan Pride Day, Pagan Unity Festival, and the Goddess and the Moon,  She has been reading tarot cards since she was 13 and extensively studying spirituality, paganism, divination and mythology since the same age. She is creator of the Moonlight Festival, a successful metaphysical fair.


 ~ Psychic Readings $60 30-minute session ~
~ Astrology from $60 ~

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