What is reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health. For example, reflexology holds that a specific spot in the arch of the foot corresponds to the bladder point. When a reflexology practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to apply appropriate pressure to this area, it is believed to affect bladder functioning.

Reflexology is an ancient practice that may date back to 2330 BCE, in Egypt.

Although reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure health disorders, millions of people around the world use it to complement other treatments when addressing conditions like anxiety, asthma, cancer treatment, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, kidney function, PMS, and sinusitis.

Reflexology is growing increasingly popular across the world as both a complement to other treatments and as a preventive measure.

A reflexologist may perform a general, integrated session, or may focus on specific problem areas on the feet, hands or ears. For example, if time is limited and the person really needs to relax, the reflexologist may choose just to work on the ears.

Whatever the approach, the reflexologist attempts to release congestion or stress in the nervous system and balance the body's energy.

We do not suggest that you use Reflexology in place of medical treatment, but use it in conjunction with Western Medicine.

Eric Romberg, LMT gives Reflexology treatments at Goddess and the Moon. You will find him to be a skilled practitioner who will listen to you and form a treatment plan.


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