Goddess Enchantments Spell Kits

These spell kits are created by our staff using ingredients and instructions from Tish Owen's book Spell It Correctly.  Use one to make your life better.  Contains candles, bath salts, oil, stones and instructions $25.00

Goddess Enchantment Candles

Our spell candles are made  by our staff and contain essential oils, a stone and charged with Reik energy for intention. Complete instructions are included. $13.00
Goddess Enchantment Oils

Our magickal oils are created by our staff with essential oils, and Grapeseed oil as a carrier and are Reiked for intention.  $13.00
Use the drop down menu to pick the oil you desire. Please note if you order a custom oil you need to tell us what you need in the space provided as you checkout.

Magickal Negativity Sandtrap Amulet
This protective amulet was created to trap all negativity that is directed toward you. It contains specific sands and herbal powders for that specific purpose. It comes sealed in a small glass bottle that can be worn around the neck. When all the sands and powders mix together, bury the amulet. NEVER OPEN!
Cast Iron Cauldron
Perfect for burning incense, herbs or containing a candle. $30.00
Cast Iron Cauldron
Perfect for burning incense, herbs or containing a candle. 3 inches across. $20.00
"Tish Owen never fails to delight, surprise, and most importantly - educate! One of the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand spell books out there by someone living and breathing magick, and helping others do the same. I love it!"
-- Christopher Penczak
Bestselling Author of
The Inner Temple of Witchcraft and
The Witches Coin
Buy yours today and ask for Tish to autograph it
Gemstone bracelets
Made by our staff with specific stones for intention and charged for purpose by Reiki, contains a charm to help remind you of your goal. $15.00
"What a great book!  It was written for those crazy enough to want to organize festivals but I think it should be on the reading list of everyone that wants to attend a festival too. It offers great insight into what the festival coordinators and staff members go through to put on an event.  This book should be required reading for everyone involved in putting on an event!"
- Kristin Madden, Shamaism Portal
Come follow the adventures of Luna Leaf and her mom in the town of Hidden Hollow, spend time in her moom's shop, Leaf's Magick Cauldron, one of the many businesses along the streets of Chalcedony Square. Did I mention that this town is full of witches?

A newborn first year record book for pagan parents. Recorded your child's newborn stats, footprints, first circle, astrological birth chart, each Sabbat holiday, picture pages and more... *BONUS* Included is the magickal ABC's : Aa is for Altar, Bb is for Besom Broom, Cc is for Cauldron, etc... Magical Faerie Cottage Cover... The book is also available in other cover choices on her webpage.

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Totem Animals
These Colorful and Powerful Totems are created by an artist in New Mexico. They radiate their specific attributes and are amazing!
Frog ~ Healing
Armadillo ~ Boundaries
Baboon ~ Joy
Rabbit ~ Safety
Ram ~ Determination
They come beautifully boxed claim what you need today!
Handcrafted Metal Purses
Set with semi-precious gemstones
Chain Strap
Perfect for a night on the town
Made in India

Catch the Moon Powder
Sometimes you really need to do a specific magickal working and the moon is in the wrong phase. For example you want to bring money to you now and the moon is in the waning phase. What do you do? You add a pinch of the Moon phase powder that you need and do the working. You can dress your candle with the powder or burn it on charcoal.  Handcrafted by our staff from a secret formula.
Mercury Direct Powder
A planet is described as retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. This presents us with a series of events over which we seem to have little control! Things can really get crazy, it is also considered to be a bad trime to do magickal workings. Until now, use this powder to take control of the situation. Dress your candles with it or burn on charcoal. Handcrafted by our staff from a secret formula.
If you reside in the state of Tennessee please contact us about applying sales tax to your order.
Spell Candles
Spell Kits
Spell Candles
Magickal Oils
Magickal Oils
Magickal Oils
Magickal Oils
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